Hunger is prevalent in poverty-stricken communities across Kenya, leading to nutritional deficiency.  We aim to improve the nutritional content of the indigenous crops through bio-fortification.


Shiba Sasa began from the realization that most of the cassava produced and marketed in Kenya is of the less nutritionally valuable white variety. At the same time, many areas in Kenya have witnessed an increase in preventable childhood blindness because of lack of vitamin A. Since this can be prevented through proper diet, we thought that, instead of using supplements, we can have the necessary vitamins and minerals incorporated into children’s staple diets.

We now promote the bio fortification of yellow cassava for improved nutritional content. This is a largely new concept that is just taking ground in Kenya. By working on the improvement of the quality of root crops like cassava, we intend to improve communities’ staple diets so that no child will drop out of school due to blindness. The future is in adoption of biotechnology to feed and sustain our communities. Not only will we be combating hunger and nutritional deficiency through our work, but by supporting the farmers, we will also be giving our communities the opportunity to earn a better living.

We believe food based solutions for addressing malnutrition are the most sustainable,that is why Shiba Sasa has chosen to address the problem of Vitamin A deficiency by enhancing the nutritional value of this staple crop, which will enable households to access healthy meals at all times.



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